3 Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now

The Mitchell Algus Gallery and The Estate of George Ortman George Ortman

Through Oct. 4. Mitchell Algus, 132 Delancey Street, Manhattan; 516-639-4918, mitchellalgusgallery.com .

In 1964, Donald Judd, the artist and overlord of Minimalism, wrote that George Ortman’s relief works “are concerned with a new area of experience, one which is relevant philosophically as well as emotionally.” This was high praise for Mr. Judd, and Mr. Ortman’s “Against Abstraction,” at Mitchell Algus, was mounted to coincide with a Judd retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art . “Against Abstraction” shows, however, the profound influence Mr. Ortman had on New […]

Source: www.nytimes.com

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