Actors imitate famous works of art during Romania’s lockdown

Some of the works of art reenacted for the campaign They say life imitates art – and that’s exactly what actors in Romania did during lockdown, in an attempt to bring famous works of art to a wider audience over the internet.

A joint initiative between The National Museum of Art of Romania and the Nottara Theater saw artists from the theatre reenacting some of the museum’s pieces, in pictures that were then shared on Facebook.

Sixteen works of art were included in total, with the posts going up every Monday to give art lovers a novel way to enjoy – and learn new things – about the paintings and sculptures.

The works included a portrait by Peter Paul Rubens, a sculpture by Auguste Rodin and some of the most important Romanian painters. Painting by Joos van Cleve Giovanna Spinola Pavese, by Peter Paul Rubens “We launched this campaign wanting to promote […]


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