Wang: Billy Morrow Jackson’s art remains poignant

This year since June, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder our national and local media have been reporting demonstrations and featuring conversational articles on issues of racism and African American experiences in our country.

Some local people told their stories and shared their frustrations about this continuing situation in local newspapers — for example UIUC Chancellor Robert Jones and UIUC instructor of music production Lamont Holden, just to mention a couple.

Additionally, and more frustratingly, in reviewing my art collections, I noticed that more than half a century ago UI art Professor Billy Morrow Jackson also tried to use his art to wake people up about this same issue happening in America then.

I first met Prof. Jackson in 1996 at his retrospective solo art exhibition at the Krannert Art Museum and had been a very close friend of him ever since until he passed away in 2006. In early 2004 […]


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