Your Concise New York Art Guide for September 2020

Joiri Minaya, “Container #4” (2020), 60 x 40 inches (image courtesy Baxter Street Camera Club of New York) Needless to say, this fall is going to be very different from the last. While museums are slowly beginning to reopen, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to loom large, as does the (thankfully) growing movement against anti-Black racism and police brutality.

So, as you continue to practice your best safety precautions and contribute to critical mutual aid efforts (it’s never too late to start, unless, of course, you don’t), here are our recommendations for art exhibitions and programs not to miss this month — many of which are outside, available online, or appointment only, because well, you know, safety first.

— Dessane Lopez Cassell * * *

Ina Archer, “Hattie McDaniel: or A Credit to the Motion Picture Industry” (2003), 4-channel video, handkerchief, framed photograph, dimensions variable (image courtesy the artist and Microscope […]


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